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Messages prédéfinis encore et toujours.

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Bonjour à tous,

Je sais Zendik :) j'ai bien regardé dans tous les autres post avant de faire celui ci.

Donc quand je clique sur "Messages prédéfinis" j'ai ce message d'erreur :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INCLUDE_ONCE in /shop/monlogin/www/admin7958/tabs/AdminOrderMessage.php on line 1

Késsséssé ?

Je ne comprend pas trop là :)

Voici le fichier AdminOrderMessage.php

<?php/**  * Taxes tab for admin panel, AdminTaxes.php  * @category admin  *  * @author PrestaShop   * @copyright PrestaShop  * @license http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php Open-source licence 3.0  * @version 1.1  *  */include_once(PS_ADMIN_DIR.'/../classes/AdminTab.php');class AdminOrderMessage extends AdminTab{    public function __construct()    {         $this->table = 'order_message';         $this->className = 'OrderMessage';         $this->lang = true;         $this->edit = true;         $this->delete = true;                $this->fieldsDisplay = array(        'id_order_message' => array('title' => $this->l('ID'), 'align' => 'center', 'width' => 25),         'name' => array('title' => $this->l('Name'), 'width' => 140),        'message' => array('title' => $this->l('Message'), 'width' => 140, 'maxlength' => 300));            parent::__construct();    }        public function displayForm()    {        global $currentIndex;                $obj = $this->loadObject(true);        $defaultLanguage = intval(Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'));        $languages = Language::getLanguages();        echo '        [removed]            id_language = Number('.$defaultLanguage.');        [removed]        <form action="'.$currentIndex.'&token;='.$this->token.'&submitAdd;'.$this->table.'=1" method="post">        '.($obj->id ? '<input type="hidden" name="id_'.$this->table.'" value="'.$obj->id.'" />' : '').'            '.$this->l('Order messages').'                '.$this->l('Name:').'                 ';                foreach ($languages as $language)                    echo '                                            <input type="text" size="53" name="name_'.$language['id_lang'].'" value="'.$this->getFieldValue($obj, 'name', intval($language['id_lang'])).'" /> *';                $this->displayFlags($languages, $defaultLanguage, 'name¤message', 'name');                echo '                
'.$this->l('Message:').'                 ';                foreach ($languages as $language)                    echo '                                            <textarea rows="15" cols="50" name="message_'.$language['id_lang'].'">'.$this->getFieldValue($obj, 'message', intval($language['id_lang'])).'</textarea><sup> *                    ';                $this->displayFlags($languages, $defaultLanguage, 'name¤message', 'message');                echo '                
                    <input type="submit" value="'.$this->l('   Save   ').'" name="submitAdd'.$this->table.'" class="button" />                                * '.$this->l('Required fields').'                    </form>';    [spam-filter]?>

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