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Admin product edit in FireFox 11.0 tinymce strange behaviour

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After last upgrade of FireFox (11.0) prestashop (don't know about other versions) has some issues with tinymce editor in product edit page.


When i enter in edit mode for any product Short Description tinymce field is just blank and can't enter anything, tho when i change language and switch it back to original text inside appear and i can edit it just fine.

Also i can edit that tinymce field if i click on html source button.


Anyone know if tinymce has to be upgraded or something?


I should mention that it only happens to me with short description edit field, but not with long description.


I attached jpg file (150KB) to display issue.


Any suggestions?


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I just upgraded to latest TinyMCE one of my installations (PrestaShop and it works OK. Thank you Raphaël!


EDIT: i replaced TinyMCE on several other installations and it works OK including latest 1.4.7 version. Make reload the page in Firefox (or delete temp files).

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didn't work for me, it's worst. you can see it on the image.

i tried with 3.4.7; 3.4.9; and the latest version. maybe did i forget something, i juste extracted files and copied tiny_mce in js/


is there anything else to do?





Edit: it works i just forgot to copie the skin.

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