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I'm setting up my categories for my store in the back end. Obviously categories for my website are going to be entirely different from default store theme since I'm not selling any electronics. I deleted all default categories but I cannot delete ipod touch which is a default product categories in "Home". I get the following error message whenever I attempt to try to delete it:


1 error

  • An error occurred during deletion.


How do I delete product? Is it set by default to not be enabled to delete from database or theme? I'm able to delete everything else which was initially installed with default theme for Prestashop. I've using Prestashop v1.4.7.0 Thanks for your help resolving this issue.

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Thank you I had deleted the John Doe, I figure it out. I didn't cancel and delete the John Doe's order. I was able to successfully delete default product after cancelling the sample order for John Doe.

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