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Dear Sirs,


I am developing a connector between my SQL Server Application and Prestashop Webservice. I am using .NET and it works fine for almost all tables, I can read, update, etc. but I cannot update "product" table, because the header of the post is too long for my Apache server (it is 10K an Apache only accepts 8K).


I know IIS server has the header limit size fixed to 16K but Apache servers only let you send headers up to 8K. You can change this configuration if you setup the LimitRequestFieldSize directive to 16K in the httpd.conf and the DEFAULT_LIMIT_REQUEST_FIELDSIZE also to 16K in the httpd.h file.


Well, my problem is that my hosting does not let me change these parameters, so I cannot send the product modifications to the webservice, because it size is near 10K.


Anyone has a similar problem? How have you solved it? I would like to know if any of you is using Prestashop Webservice in an Apache shared server. In that case, are you able to update "product" table via webservice?


Thank you very much.

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