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i am new to Presta Shop and need some customizing.


I added a new field (varchar) to the product table in my database. I modified the template etc. so that the new field is shown on the frontend and that i can edit the value in the backend. All working good!


But i cant search for the value of my new field. I know that i have to modify the file Search.php in the classes folder. But I cant make the search saving the values of my new field into the search_word/index tables.


I hope someone can explain me which lines have to be modified in order to get the search working.


Thanks in advance..



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I have the same question. 


We made custom filed in the BO using Vekias tutorial located here: http://mypresta.eu/en/art/developer/new-field-product-backoffice.html

Although this filed is in the BO and its not displaying to a customer on the front end (its for employees only), we would like its content to be searchable on the front end.

What needs to be modified in the search method in order this to work?


Thank you

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