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Hi, it seems to be image_id by digits, I guess.


Anyway after googling I found that getting image URL is easy by this code:

// get Product cover image (all images is possible retrieve by
// Image::getImages($id_lang, $id_product) or
// $productInstance->getImages($id_lang))
$id_image = Product::getCover($id_product);
// get Image by id
if (sizeof($id_image) > 0) {
$image = new Image($id_image['id_image']);
// get image full URL
$image_url = _PS_BASE_URL_._THEME_PROD_DIR_.$image->getExistingImgPath().".jpg";


This works for PrestaShop 1.4.6

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hi! tnx for this post...

is there a way to get the small image of product generated by presta?


Using the code provided by boris.suska you could replace this 

$image_url = _PS_BASE_URL_._THEME_PROD_DIR_.$image->getExistingImgPath().".jpg";

with this

$image_url = _PS_BASE_URL_._THEME_PROD_DIR_.$image->getExistingImgPath()."-small_default.jpg";
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