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Need help with a super complicated problem with prices.

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Hello people.

Recently we made a shop about cosmetics.


We have a huge issue with the prices, but the thing get's a little complicated.


Well, the base thing is that we have 2 prices.

1 is for wholesale

and 2 is for retail


Normaly when some1 has no account on the site can only see retail prices without problems.

So I added product combinations normally because we have products that come in a variety of sizes and I have no problem.


The problems comes when the wholesale price comes into play.


Our wholesale prices are fixed and cannot be calculated by percentage, so what I have to do is to add the fixed wholesale price in the field so only a selected group of customers can see that price.


But there is no product combination and there's no way to enter my fixed prices for a certain group of people that I choose as wholesale to match with the product combination.


This is causing me a huge problem as I am forced for now to use a identical copy of the shop with another address but wholesale prices only when some1 makes an account.


But it gets too complicated for casual customers and people that cant handle PCs too much.


I realy need a solution to this if there's any.


Thanks for reading.


Site: www.nailshop.com.gr

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I propose the Super Prices Editor Extended module that allows to set declinaison prices per group of customer (also per customer).


Natively, in Prestashop, the price of a declined product is computed as Price = BasePrice+Variation

BasePrice is the price od the product base.

Variation is the price variation due to the combianison.

Natively, Prestashop supports only the BasePrice per group of customer.

With my module, you can also set the Variation per group of customer

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