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Best way to edit core Prestashop (modules and theme) files


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I have to edit few modules and core Prestashop theme and everytime I'm doing the Prestashop update I need to repeat this steps for every file I want to edit as they are override by new files. Is there any other option to create separate files with my edits so I don't need to touch core Prestashop files? Thanks

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You can override a controller in your module, and then tell the controller to use your module template file instaed.


Take a look: http://doc.prestasho...dingacontroller


Not all the modules have controllers. Even if prestahop certified 1.5 commercial ones. For example rich menu.




You can override Classes, Controllers, and module template files.


Classes and Controllers go to the folder called 'override'


Module template files go to : 'themes/[YOUR_THEME_NAME]/modules/[MODULE_NAME]'


I've tried and it doesn't work. And I'm not the only one:



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