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User request forgotten password get 404 error


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Ok so I was doing a bit of modifications on the email template (spanish) the customer receives once he requests a new pwd. So he instantly get the email to change the new password but:


1. Shouldn't he receive the system generated password on the email?

2. If he click on the link to be taken to the site (I assume to input the new pdw), he gets a 404 error.


This is the English template:

Hi {firstname} {lastname}, Password reset request for {shop_name} You have requested to reset your {shop_name} login details.


Please note that this will change your current password. To confirm this action, please use the following link:



Does any one happen to maybe know what the problem is or provide me with another English template in case the above one is incorrect? Thanks a buch!


When clicked the link it returns:


Firefox can't find the server at %7burl%7d.


UPDATE: So all I need is the correct URL format because if I click on the link I'll get a 404 error but if I copy and paste it on the browser it does indeed formats the password.


Best Regards,



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