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Product Name shortend


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This line means that the products name will be truncated after 30 characters(or maybe less,i forgot).


Also "..." will be concatenated to it.


Find your tpl file and find the line that displays the products name and remove the truncate part.


Hope this helps.


Edit : the .tpl file is product-list.tpl.

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Thanks for the advice.


I have looked at this:




But I could not find it. All I could find was:


<p class="product_desc">

<a href="<?php echo ((is_array($_tmp=$this->_tpl_vars['accessoryLink'])) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('escape', true, $_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8') : smarty_modifier_escape($_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8')); ?>

" title="<?php echo ((is_array($_tmp=$this->_tpl_vars['accessory']['legend'])) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('escape', true, $_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8') : smarty_modifier_escape($_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8')); ?>

" class="product_image"><img src="<?php echo $this->_tpl_vars['link']->getImageLink($this->_tpl_vars['accessory']['link_rewrite'],$this->_tpl_vars['accessory']['id_image'],'medium'); ?>

" alt="<?php echo ((is_array($_tmp=$this->_tpl_vars['accessory']['legend'])) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('escape', true, $_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8') : smarty_modifier_escape($_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8')); ?>

" /></a>

<a href="<?php echo ((is_array($_tmp=$this->_tpl_vars['accessoryLink'])) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('escape', true, $_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8') : smarty_modifier_escape($_tmp, 'htmlall', 'UTF-8')); ?>

" title="<?php echo smartyTranslate(array('s' => 'More'), $this);?>

" class="product_description"><?php echo ((is_array($_tmp=((is_array($_tmp=$this->_tpl_vars['accessory']['description_short'])) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('strip_tags', true, $_tmp) : smarty_modifier_strip_tags($_tmp)))) ? $this->_run_mod_handler('truncate', true, $_tmp, 100, '...') : smarty_modifier_truncate($_tmp, 100, '...')); ?>





In short I do not know what I am to change, as the example above is different from what I have put here. I do not understand "tmp, 100", it is not something that I can see that I should change in the example above.


Any advice would be appreciate.




Raja Stones

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Thank you for your help tdr170. I have increased the number to 200 and 250, but it has worked on some pages but not on others. I have a full title on the Pergolas, but not on the Planters.


In response to Martin, I have looked at the product-list.tpl file but not follow your advice, hence the copy of code in the post.


If I do find it what do I remove exactly in the code.


Thanks Martyn.


Your help is appreciated tdr170 & Martyn.

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