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I'm new to PrestaShop and I'm evaluating if it is a good product for my needs.

After reading all the documentation I've found, there are two topics that rise some doubts about PrestaShop: scalability and high availability.

I have some concerns regarding those topics, and I would be very pleased if someone could answer any of my questions, or point me to the right direction to look at:


Are there any "big" shops using PrestaShop? By big I mean shops with more than 40.000 visitors per day and/or 5.000 orders per day. (I've read http://www.menlook.com/, any others?).

In case these shops exist, I imagine that they have more complex installations than the "single server" approach. Is there any official documentation about installing PrestaShop for high availability environments, that is, with a different topology than a single server (clustering, load balancing, etc)? I come from the Java world, and the web applications usually have official documentation related to clustered installations.

Summary: is there official documentation about installations with more than a single server? If not, does the PrestaShop team plan to add that kind of documentation to the existing one?


My other concern is about scalability. I have not seen in the documentation nothing about how to scale PrestaShop, or about how adding more servers improves the total amount of concurrent users/orders PS can handle. Imaging a scenario where users and orders keep growing during time, there is some point at which one or two servers obviously can't support the traffic. A benchmark would be useful to see wich kind of resources are necessary for very large shops and to know which is the traffic that can be handled with a server.

Summary: is there official documentation about PrestaShop performance benchmarks? If not, does the PrestaShop team plan to add that kind of documentation to the existing one?


In general, my concern is about how far can PrestaShop go, and I have'nt found documents about these topics.


Thank you so much for your attention.

Hope to use PrestaShop in a short time!



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Earlier I also asked similar questions, but then I realized that they are .. incorrect)

We all know that, for example, Magento much "heavier" than Prestashop and still working on it a lot of big sites ...

Make a stress test every store each can himself - to generate a base on 100-500K goods and conduct testing, there are many tools, but what's the point in this test? If the "testing" of the team prestashop show that the store will withstand the 40,000 visitors on a single server, and you in fact - the server does not stand up, you will not buy another server?)


As far as I can remember in the code is already incorporated the use of multiple mysql servers. I could be wrong, but load balancing, multiple front-ends etc - is task is solved not at the level of php?


As you can see in one of the topics you mentioned, I asked a similar question) Of those stores prestashop that I know (and which are presented in the official list) -none of them has a sufficiently serious attendance of which you speak

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Hi SergeyH, and thank you for your comments.


I dont think that these questions are incorrect :) , in fact, all of these are questions I think should be made when evaluating products.


Of course each shop can perform a load test, and in fact everybody should do it to know the limits of their infrastructure, but for me, it is very valuable to know that the official development team has already made these tests, because it gives you some numbers from which you can start and make cost estimations.


If a server does not stand the total amount of traffic, obviously another server will be bought, but in oder to plan the development and deployment of a new system/infrastructure, you cannot go without an initial number and the assumption that more hardware can be used. Imagine that I plan to start a PS store with X thousand visits a day, what will my requirements be? How can I estimate the cost of the hardware before the go-live of the shop? What will be the cost related to new servers if my users grow linearly during the first year?


As I mentioned in my previous post, I come from the Java world, and I'm used to ask these kind of questions before deciding which product to use. If you don't know the answer to these questions, how do you make a cost estimation?


So, what I'm looking for, is some kind of test, benchmark, success story, or official doc. where I can find "numbers", hardware configurations, reference architectures, etc. as a starting point. For example, look at what Liferay (Enterprise Web Portal product) does:

If there is nothing like that, i would also like to know if the PrestaShop team has even considered spending the time to make such kind of documents.


Thank you!

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I've been diggin' a bit about the clusterization of P.S, and I did not find (yet) an answer to my question.


Apart from setting up a keepalived/HAproxy configuration, is there any specific configuration to bring to the prestashop nodes in the cluster?


Thank you.

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