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Hello everyone,


I need to import many users from Joomla's virtuemart, and there is a little problem with user passwords... For instance, the password stored in virtuemart's database is:



It looks like there are two md5 codes and these are splitted with a colon. On Presta's database we have two columns in user table: password and security key. Both of them are also md5 codes.


I need to find out, how to which one's are passwords, or whatever it is. I need to import users, so that they could sign in with their old passwords.


Any ideas? Maybe someone had a similar issue?


Thank you.

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The solution I saw for osCommerce, probably working for all other kinds of user imports, is to store the old passwords in a separate column or table.

Then the authentication code is hacked: if regular authentication fails (or if the current user's password data is empty in the DB), you have to check the old password with the old algorithm (supposing it is open source and thus that you can copy it).

If successful, you can store the hash of the given password, using PS' method, in the regular password hash field.

Thus, you progressively update the list of returning users.

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