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setting up a cron job




My host will only allow 60 seconds for image regeneration is which is not enough even for my small website.


They have suggested I set up a cron job.


Can anyone guideme throu the process of setting up a cron job to run the image regeneration ( I get the 500 error)



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Speaking with limited knowledge here, but it may do till one of the experts gets to your post.


A cron job is run from you host Cpanel or the equivalent. Look for the section on cron jobs or scheduled jobs. You can set it to ping a web address at specific times - once per day for example. In your case the web address will be the location of a script that you want activated.


In my case it activates a script from Tomerg3 for automatic backup.


You can also do this with a Prestashop module. Tomerg's for backups for example. Or there is also a cron job module you can get.


I could never get the cron jobs set with my host to work properly, so I use an outside website to do it: SetCronJob


But you will need a script to activate. In your case the regenerate images script. Wherever that is in your Prestashop files.

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