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Full Width Center Column on home page

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You just need to change CSS, but you will need some additional knowledge of CSS/HTML etc. I do not think that anyone will do this for free as it needs to be done seeing all your files, changing them etc.


By the way there were similar topic on this forum recently, so try to look for it.

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Add the following lines to style.css. Use !important if necessary.

body#index #center_column { width: 100%; }
body#index #right_column {display: none; }
body#index #left_column {display: none; }


By changing #index to sites body tags id, you can apply it on other pages as well.

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Find this



<div class="columns-container">
<div id="columns" class="container">


and add {if $page_name =='homepage'}-fluid{/if} inside class container.


final : 


<div class="columns-container">
<div id="columns" class="container{if $page_name =='homepage'}-fluid{/if}">


Class container uses cleared fix.Excepting homepage will make it be full screen.But i think you have to edit css for some pixels not showing in the left side.


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