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How to add Alexa Code Snippet to Prestashop


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Hi, does anyone know how to add alexa snippet code to prestashop

I have verified the alexa ID using the module from BO but to get the daily visitors report from my site, I need to add alexa snippet code to my every pages.


This is what they asked me to do:

Paste the code snippet into EVERY page of your website just above the closing </body> tag in the HTML


Please help. Thank you.

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go to the ftp /shopfolder/themes/yourtheme/

find footer.tpl edit it

and paste above </body> tag

your alexa js code


Hi, thanks for your help. I tried it but still got error messege and my website also have error display. :o

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I'm trying to post the Alexa certified code on the footer.tlp too. I did as instructed on this post but alexa still saying it cannot certified or read the JS on my site. Do i need to do anything else to make sure the site have the code loaded on every page? I know if I change something on the graphic side i will need to turn on and off the force compilation and Cache. Do i have to do that too for the footer.tpl?


Please kindly advice.


Thank you

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This is not it. I'm not trying to get site validation. I'm trying to get the site certified by Alexa which I need to write the script into everypage on the site for certification scan. something what Musadiq did.


Thank you though



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