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Description text for each attribute


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I looking for a free module or payment module that to be able show the description text when i change the attribute on my product. It is possible?

Can make it with a little personalization of source code avec js or ajax?

Pardon my english.

Help me thanks.

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If you won´t change db structure, you can work with jQuery. Edit product.tpl, add a <script> section where you put an attribute onchange function. Use the description field to add different descriptions for example


[attr_0]Default text[/attr_0][attr_14]Description text for color = black[/attr_14][attr_15]Description text for disk space = 16Go[/attr_15]


The attribute onchange function parses all descriptions and shows only the description text for specific attribute.

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You could use the hide / show use of css, by adding div elements directly into your product description like this


<div class="attribute1">This is the description for attribute 1</div>
<div class="attribute2">This is the description for attribute 2</div>


and then find out the value of the attribute and add some javascript like this


 $('.attribute_fieldset.quality select').on('change',function(){
           if ($('.attribute_fieldset.quality select').val() == 59) {
        } else if ($('.attribute_fieldset.quality select').val() == 58) {


That will then only show the description of 1 attribute





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