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Postupdateorderstatus After Status Changed ?


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I'm trying to send order to shipwire when order status has been changed (payment is accepted for example).


So I create a hook


public function hookpostUpdateOrderStatus($params) {
if ($params['newOrderStatus']->logable) {

My problem is that if I wish to update order status at the end of my hook to a custom status (transmitted to Shipwire) it is added to my order after Payment accepted, so it's not the current status.

I thought that postUpdateOrderStatus would be called after status has been changed ?

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Hi Cedric,


The hook postUpdateOrderStatus is called after status has been changed.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do. When you say you created a hook, you meant you register your module on a hook, right ? You want to send your order to shipwire when the status is payment accepted.


Did you try something like this ?


public function hookpostUpdateOrderStatus($params)
 if ($params['newOrderStatus']->id == Configuration::get('PS_OS_PAYMENT'))
   // Send order to shipwire

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Yes, that's exactly what I did, but I also want to change the status to the state Preparation in progress.


Problem is that if in my hook hookpostUpdateOrderStatus, I change the status of the order, at the very end, I have the wrong order :

01/5/2012 15:30:41

2.gif Payment accepted 01/5/2012 15:30:40 Preparation in progress



Why the new status is in the wrong position ?

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