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Unable To Create New Account

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I'm testing the addition of new accounts. When I try to create a user, I get the following errors. Also, all required fields have been entered. This is with ver. 1.4.6. Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks!


There are 2 errors :


  • id_default_group is required.
  • last_passwd_gen is required.

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I am new to PHP, but I am trying to reverse engineer where the error is being thrown.

So I found that last_passwd_gen is created in Customer.php in the add() function:



public function add($autodate = true, $nullValues = true)


$this->birthday = (empty($this->years) ? $this->birthday : (int)($this->years).'-'.(int)($this->months).'-'.(int)($this->days));

$this->secure_key = md5(uniqid(rand(), true));

$this->last_passwd_gen = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime('-'.Configuration::get('PS_PASSWD_TIME_FRONT').'minutes'));



However, there is no validation at this point to check if it contains information. I need to find out which other file is trying to read the value and throwing the error.

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Bump! Can anyone tell me what section of code generates and displays the errors from my first post?

It looks like when the form is submitted, it calls authentication.php, which then calls AuthController.php, but I still can't find where the error validation is happening on these two variables.



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AuthController extends FrontController, perhaps the validation is being performed there.


one other place to check. in the back office, in the Customer section, scroll to the bottom and expand the "Set required fields for this section". are any of them checked?

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I have the same problem, getting "id_default_group is required." when a customer wants to register. However in the "Set required fields for this section" there is no id_default_group

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