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Invalid Token Message After Registering - How To Solve This Problem?

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I would like to ask for your help - when someone successfully registers to my e-store, this message appears: "Invalid token" (I enclose the image below to see how this message looks like).


Then this "Invalid token" message must be manually closed in order to be able to browse through the store.


What is more, this message also appears each time the customer clicks on the homepage logo and after he closes this message; it seems as if he would not be registered (logged in) at all (My account module disappears). If he then clicks on some category or product, it seems as if he is logged in again (My account module appears again).


Does anyone know how to stop this message "Invalid token" from showing up over an over again when the customer clicks on the homepage logo or when a new visitor creates a new account?


Thank you!




P.S.: I'm using 1.3 version of Prestashop


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