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Automatic CSV import

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Hi everyone,


I am just wondering if anyone here has ever created an automatic prestshop import script?


The reason I ask is because we have a CSV that needs to be grabbed from an external site and imported. But the CSV on their site is updated every 4 hours, so we need to update our prestashop every 4 hours.


I can download the file and upload it to my prestashop install every 4 hours if needed, I've created that script.

But I need to know the query? What query/queries do I have to run to insert the products into the database (as I know Prestashop has many rows in the database that handle products)


Any help would be brilliant!


Thanks in advance

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Hey guillenqn,


yes there is a program for automatic import of .csv documents.

Prestashop manager is a program to import .csv documents from your own desktop and has an extra add-on for automatic import of .csv documents.


You can find the trial download of prestashop manager here: http://www.prestashopmanager.com/free-download

The extra add-on you can find here which u can also try out first: http://www.prestashopmanager.com/prestashop-automated-product-import


Let me know if this is anything for you.

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I have a same problems with supplier's ~2500 products... daily I need to Update many-many prices and product stock statuses to show accurate Info in my WebShop.


Is there any free presta solution for this?


Best regards,


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Hi guys,

I've found this: http://www.file2cart.com/ and it seems to be exactly what you need.

This is an online service for product import to a store from a feed or .csv file. And they also have a plan where you can set up your own scheduled import plan according to your wishes. So, I think that's easy this way. You just create your schedule for import, no matter if you need it done every day or every other hour and provide them with a feed or file and that's it. Have a look yourselves: http://www.file2cart.com/app/estimator


And it seems pretty cheap.

Anyway, let me know how all this ends)


Hope this helps you


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