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Hi there,

while i'm total noob of prestashop, i'm asked to develop a whole new theme.


I'm a front end developer since a long time, and used to customize a lot of different cms, but mainly on the html / css part, so i've looked a few tutorials, started to duplicate the default theme and tried to customize it.


I'm aiming at a html5 / responsive theme, able to work on mobile as well, so my first steps where to add a new doctype / header, that part went well, then i started to add custom css via some simple link


<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/myCss.css" type="text/css" media="{$media}"/>


then added the myCss.css to the "theme/myTheme/css" folder

from there on everything went wrong :)


while my <header> changes where visible in my new theme, my custom link did not appear on the css list, so I simply extended the global.css, but this is not a long term solution, so my first question is, how can i add custom css files ? and is it the same method to add my custom Js (i'll use modernizr/selectivzr and a couple of custom js)


then since i want to use a grid system for the templates, i added my grid setup in the modified global.css file, and looked at the genrated markup of the new page, i've seen that the whole page was enclosed in the

 <div id="page">

so i added a class to it

<div id="page" class="container">

and then saved it, and again, my changes where not reflected to the genrated page, so here lies my second question, are the main "section" like the page, right col, ... supposed not to be modified, or is there something to do to clear the cache (i made a search on the string 'id="page' on the whole site to discover that there is a dir tools/smarty/compile/ so i belive models are compiled, aren't they ?) .


I know there are noobs questions, but i cant find any answer to them :P


thanks in advance for your help, and for building / contributing to what seems to be a good tool for non backend programmers for building shops .


see you fellow prestashop developers :)


ps : sorry for the lame english, but .. i'm french, meh :P

ps2 : lloks like i put this post in the wrong forum part ... it is better in intergation, if a moderator catch this post :)

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