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[Help] Additional fee/surcharge


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I want to do the following.

Say I wish to buy 100 invitations at $2.00 each. That would be $200.00 in total.



I want to add a printing charge:

a) $50.00 for digital printing


B) $60.00 for foil printing

This fee needs to be an option on the product page and to be added only ONCE to the total of the invitations.


How can I do that?

Any ideas??

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Unfortunately, that doesn't help as it multiplies the printing for every invitation:


100 invites (at $2.00 each) + 100 printing charges (at $50.00 each) = $5,200.00


But I need:


100 invites (at $2.00 each) + 1 printing charge (at $50.00 each) = $250.00


Any clue? Basically it shouldn't multiply the charge, but it should add it ONCE to the total.

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That's not the way I understood it ---


product = 100 invites priced at $200

attributes = $50 digital printing;

$60 foil printing



100 invites $200

+ $50 digital printing


$250 total


To do what you want to do I think you would need to offer the invites in packages (e.g. 10 invites/$20; 25 invites/$50; 100 invites/$200) then they would select the printing option.


Not sure if that helps or not.


Marty Shue

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I see what you're saying. That's good to have in mind as a back up plan in case I can't do what I actually want.

It's just that it's very limiting this way. Also, I'm not sure how I would apply price discounts for larger quantities (and make it obvious to the buyer) without doing it manually.

I have used osCommerce in the past and I had found a module that did what I'm looking for. Wish I could find one here.

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