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Top horizontal menu - URL ERROR

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I have some strange issue.


I have Top horizontal menu module which includes:

Best sales

Price drops

And one CMS content (article)


On the index page the url looks like this:

best sales -> /best-sales.php

price drops -> /prices-drop.php

cms content -> http://www.mydomain.com/content/14-contest


Those are copy paste url from firebug, best sales and price drops are without domain url.


Now when you click on CMS content button you get to this page normally. But when you are on this page, CMS content, the best sales and price drops get new link but on in HTML code, but in the browser (when you hover the link Firefox display link on the bottom left of the page)


Now on the CMS content page the url looks like that:

HTML source code:

best sales -> /best-sales.php

price drops -> /prices-drop.php


Browser links:

best sales -> http://www.mydomain.com/content/best-sales.php

price drops -> http://www.mydomain.com/content/prices-drop.php


And than when you click on the best sales you get 404 ERROR.


What is the problem here?

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