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[Help] Remove id from friendly url


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i've trouble with friendly url, i follow the same steps that site, but in my shop ID showing in URL, and i can't remove this.


I've found topics with this problem, but all these are closed.


Someone can help me?



Sorry for my bad english.

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So, i try remove ID product from friendly url, like this:


now i got:




but i need to remove ID and link will be:




Understand? I activate friendly url, and generate htaccess, but i don't know how remove ID from link..

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currently there no off-the-shelf way to achieve what you want.


You need to create one Rewrite rule for each category you want to behave the way you want. That will provide a way for visitor to reach the category without the need for ID however, link generated by prestashop will contain the ID unless you implement an override on the class link.


It is plan than the future version 1.5 will handle url thru a route-controller that should provide a ad-hoc answer but today you have to make those rules manually which can be a pain if you catalog moves a lot. Each time you'll have to rewrite the rules

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