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Warning : the secure key is empty... once again

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Greets everyone,


once again i'd like to open a new topic for this issue, but for different purpose. Hope one of the developers will read this too, and can give an answer.


So there is our little friend secure_key making trouble with orders after (succesful) payment.

Every registered user has its secure key, which is later present in the cart and finally in the order.


I'm using btw cardgate as a payment system.




User goes to payment system, which targets the payment systems response "function" on my site. Lets say payment itself was succesful. When validateOrder function is called, indeed the secure key parameter is NOT set. Which is ok, because I know why I get the warning.


What I dont know is:

- should this secure key be passed to payment system in order to get it back amongst other parameters like the name, address, transaction status etc etc etc...?


Since the payment system is targeting (not directly) the order validation function, it should contain the secure_key, which means it has to be sent when users go to the p.system as an additional parameter or something similar.


I know payment systems allow custom parameters to be sent, i just dont know if prestashop is meant to work that way aka. to validate the returning secure key or get the carts/users/orders' secure key and see if it finds it in the database...


Thanx for your help in advance



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