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Prestashop for Franchise business


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Is there a way that I could setup a Franchise type business with Prestashop?


I intend to setup parties like Tupperware where sales people come to your home and sell products to the guests. The trick would be that i'd need a way to note which sales person made the initial sale, and could attribute future sales from the customer to that sales person. So even if someone comes back 3 years after their first purchase and buys something else the sales person that got them to the website in the first place would still get commission on anything they bought.


Later I would like to have it so that if one Sales person (Rep1) brought in another Sales person (Rep2) Rep1 would make a commission on all sales from Rep2 as well as their own sales.


Does anyone know of a module/plugin/whatever that would help me do this? or have any bright ideas that might help me out?


Thanks in advance

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Hi Neil,

Could you please reply to my email address [email protected] direct?

I think email based communication will be easier for us.


I have some questions here.

How do I know the order is coming from which sales person?

Are you going to use any other module to identify this? Or you are expecting my module include this function.

For example, when customer place an order, we need to ask them to input the sale person ID or #?


If customer purchase a product from saleperson1 3 month ago,

but today, he purchase another product from saleperson2.


Based on your logic, salesperson1 will get the commission, not salesperson 2.

I don't think it is fair.


Can you give me more detailed requirement and your policy of commission?

Otherwise, it is difficult to figure out a solution.


Again please reply to me email address directly. [email protected]





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I have a very similar requirement.


Franchisee has a physical store already but no internet presence. Franchisee pays me a monthly fee to set-up and run an online store for them. I sell this idea to many retail store owners and create a single online brand and store.


I have one database, one set of products, many stores (one per franchisee - co-branded), I do the order processing and shipment, the franchisee receives a % commission on the sale.


How would you recommend I establish this with Prestashop and modules?




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I am interested about this idea the franchisee receives a % commission on the sale.

The idea : is that each franchise have his shop/boutique (thanks to the mulltishop/multiboutique).

When a customer buy a product, the % comission go to the franchise, and the rest go to the head office.

But I don't know how to manage this ? Or is this possible ?

Thanks for your help



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