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[SOLVED] Display the right unit price for every combination

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I have a product which I will sell it in 3 different packages: 10 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg. For every package I have a different price/kg and I want to display, after the package price, the unit price for every package.


How can I do this?


If I put 0 on all prices and weight in Info tab and put values only in Combination tab, it doesn't display the unit price.


I've put the unit price for the default package in Info tab, then for the default package I put no values for prices, but I've put unit prices for the other packages. In this case, the unit prices for the rest of packages are displayed completely wrong.


I just want to put 0 in all price fields in Info tab, to put the wholesale price, unit price and weight in the Combination tab, for every package and in the product page I want to see the wholesale price and the unit price.


I have to add about 600 products, if I have to make 100 calculations for every unit price to display it correctly, I will die in front of the computer :)

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I don't know if I was clear in the first post, so I want to explain a little better.


In the Info tab, I put Price: 0, Weight: 0, Unit price: 0 (in this case, if unit price is 0, it hasn't displayed it in the product page, but I will continue with this example, because this is what I want).


In the Combination tab, for the default attribute I set:

Price impact - grow: 100$; Weight - grow: 5 kg; Unit price impact - grow: 7.8$


For the second attribute I set:

Price impact - grow: 250$; Weight - grow: 10 kg; Unit price impact - grow: 6.5$/kg


So I want in the product page to be displayed both Price impact and Unit price impact for both attributes, as I've set them in the Combinations tab (in this case, it displays only the Price impact, as I've set it in the Combination tab, which is ok).


Right now, for Unit price to be displayed in the product page, I've put in the Info tab:

Price: 100$, Weight: 5kg, Unit price: 7.8$/kg (as for the default attribute) and for the default attribute I've set all the Impact values to 0. In this case all prices are displayed correctly in the product page.


But if I set for the second attribute the above values, for the price impact I have to set 250 - 100 = 150$ (for the price to be displayed 250$), and if I set for Unit price impact 6.5$, it displays in the page product something like 26$/kg.


My customer gave me a list with unit prices for about 600 products, it will be pretty much annoying to make a lot of calculation (600x3 combinations/product), instead just to multiply weight*unit prices and to obtain the final prices.

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