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How can i change url to domain/manufactorer/(product-id)product.html


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What should i change in link.php?


public function getProductLink($id_product, $alias = NULL, $category = NULL, $ean13 = NULL, $id_lang = NULL)
 if (is_object($id_product))
  return ($this->allow == 1)?(_PS_BASE_URL_.__PS_BASE_URI__.$this->getLangLink((int)$id_lang).((isset($id_product->category) AND !empty($id_product->category) AND $id_product->category != 'home') ? $id_product->category.'/' : '').(int)$id_product->id.'-'.$id_product->link_rewrite./*($id_product->ean13 ? '-'.$id_product->ean13 : '').*/'.html') :
 elseif ($alias)
  return ($this->allow == 1)?(_PS_BASE_URL_.__PS_BASE_URI__.$this->getLangLink((int)$id_lang).(($category AND $category != 'home') ? ($category.'/') : '').(int)$id_product.'-'.$alias./*($ean13 ? '-'.$ean13 : '').*/'.html') :
  return _PS_BASE_URL_.__PS_BASE_URI__.'product.php?id_product='.(int)$id_product;


Thx for your help



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