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robots.txt and webmaster tools error


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In my webmaster tools appeared a warning that an inportant page is blocked by robots.txt. I created the robots.txt in BO (prestashop1.4.1.1)

If I click to that warning it takes me to the page that is blocked. That page is http://www.sesalec.n...earch?tag=kirby


I know that search.php is dissalowed in robots txt file. I now removed robots.txt file to see what will hapen.

I also had a significant rank drop some time ago. The shop was ranked really high for 3 weeks than it droped to 20+ page. That could also be related to the fact that the domain is new.


The shop url is: www.sesalec.net

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I also had a message of that type in Google Webmaster today but it concerned a category page that I do not filter via robots.txt (I use the one generated by Prestashop)... That is really weird especially that the category page which was mentioned is indeed listed in Google Search. I think I will leave everything that way, for now.



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