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How to import product photos?


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Hello reco233,


great to have somebody with the same problem, I am not alone ;)


I got replyies here:




Prease read th links I (DaMarv) posted. I followed the instruction without success, but it seems that other shop owner had success by following the instructions.


My Prestashop hates me, there is always something that won't work (while others doesn't have problems with same issue)

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If your asking about how to include your product photos with a Product import, then i might be able to help.


Here's what I do -


Make a directory in /img called import (as an example).

Upload all the images you need to import into /img/import


In the product.csv add a column called Image URL

For each product, add the directory and filename of the picture.

* It's helpful to know that the path to the file in your CSV is the relative path.


Based on the example above, we would use: ../img/import/product.jpg


Obviously change /import to whatever you called your folder in the /img directory. And change product.jpg to fit your needs (the product image filename and extension)



Good luck

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(sorry for my bad english)


I would like to import pictures too...

I have the thumb, the small and the large images in a other folder on my website.


I've no problem to insert data on the tables such as ps_product, ps_image, ...

I've understood that the pictures must be saved in the folder /img/p


Thepicture must have the name id_product-id_image.jpg ? It's all ?

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Hi everybody,

I tried to follow all solutions explained in different post. The results is better with the Axari's advice but I think the issue come from somewhere else. I use the 1.4.7 version of Prestashop. The last one. My server is in 1and1.

I need to import some pictures. I add in my CSV the link but the result is random.

Methode 1 :

full link like : http://mydomain.com/folder/photoN.jpg

no picture imported. I see in my shop some empty frameworks.


Methode 2 :

I put all pictures in Amazon S3. I thought that the issue come from 1and1. The result is the same.


Methode 3 :

I created a import folder in /img/ and I put all picture inside.

The new link to there pictures was ../img/import/iah323a/photo1.jpg

For the product iah323a, normally, I should have 4 pictures, so in my CSV file, I write: ../img/import/iah323a/photo1.jpg,../img/import/iah323a/photo2.jpg,../img/import/iah323a/photo3.jpg,../img/import/iah323a/photo4.jpg

I use the same method for all products.

The result has been that for the 1st product I have 2 pictures/4, the second product I have 1 picture/4...


I took a lot of time to find the solution but I don't know what I can do more. Thank for your help.

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