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XML API integration - Order Processing

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I am new to Prestashop, and am wanting to automate my product inventory using a third party vendors XML-API code they emailed to me to perform various specific functions:


1. Be able to send the Order Processing data from my store to the distributor and receive a confirmation in return.


2. Be able to Auto-Update my Catalog/Products and attributes such as price, availability, etc.



I have imported CSV files into my store successfully.

I am familiar with HTML/Java, and have read up on SOAP, WSDL, and Web Services.

I have enabled Web Services and was able to view the generated XML's after logging in with the Generated Key.




1. After setting up web services for my site, I am not certain about the process to integrate the XML files I received from the distributor...I have at least 5 XML files that include (a) enter order ( B) query inventory © query order status....etc, etc


Can someone point me to the next step in my process to get these XML API files integrated into my store so that I can direct my customer purchases directly to my distributor via the XML API and receive/verify same in return?


Thank You in Advance for ANY assistance you can provide!


Kind regards,


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did you ever get an answer for this? Or did you have to figure it out yourself. I'm familiar with how to do wsdl / soap etc. I want to do drop shipping and am new to prestashop. I'd like to know if prestashop has this capability or if i have to hook it in myself.



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Hi ,

I think this is what I really need in my business , i have a mobile unlocking site created by Prestashop and i want to connect another website via API intigration to process orders automatically and get answers from supplier , it will be great if someone can help us ..


Thank you

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