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IE8 & IE9 display problems with 1.4.5 - please help!

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I found maybe the main problem... you have <style> specification in <body> section. But <style type="text/css"> is advisable to write into <head> section.


Thanks a lot for the tip and your help... but where can I edit this file? When I look in the shop amin folder I see there a lot of php-files... index.php doesn't contain any of these codelines that showed up in the validator.. so where are the files to edit?

I am a newbie so please excuse me...


Thx again!

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Hi Gachmuret,


You must check TPL files in your theme folder. These files contains the code of your theme.


Path is themes\name_of_your_theme


Thanks Carl for your help,


but there are so many files there and the code isn't in the index.tpl...

Does anyone know which file I have to edit?


Thx a lot!

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