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Product Combination and Prices Problem.

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Hey ppl,


I'm using Prestashop 1.4.3 and I had the need to use 2 types of clients, wholesale and retail.

On my sql there are 2 different rows, one row is the price for retail and the other one is the wholesale one.


I have the retail prices for my default clients, so when someone is visiting the site the default prices are the retail.

Even if they make an account the still see the retail prices, until I move them to a group named "Wholesale Clients" where the wholesale prices get enabled and then they only see wholesale.


Well I came up with a problem when using combinations.


I have a product 200ml and 500ml and I need 4 different prices.


On Wholesale it should be: price for 200ml = 4.70€ and price for 500ml = 11.30€


So in the combination tab in the BO I choose to rise the price for 6.60€ when someone chooses the 500ml from the dropdownlist.

In wholesale it works just fine.

But when it comes to retail, there's no field for a separate price rise, so it just calculates by its self.


On Retail it should be: price for 200ml = 8.00€ and price for 500ml = 15.00€


But it's just goes like 8.00 for the 200ml and when you choose the 500ml it adds up the 6.60 I entered in the combination tab for the 500ml product. So it calculates 14.60€

Which obviously is wrong.


If you guys have any solution to this, I would be grateful.



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Hey Voliminal,


I am no expert with Prestashop, but I am sure that I can offer up some pretty basic advice on this.


Basically, what you need to do is as follows:


Undo the wholesale price changes so that each individual product is set up only for the retail side of things.


Once you have done this, you need to calculate the % discount that you would like Wholesale clients to receive across the entire store. Go to Back Office > Customers> Groups> and the click on the Wholesale group that you have already set up.


Once in the Wholesale group, you will be able to do one of two things... Either apply a fixed % discount to every product in you shop, or apply an individual discount to each category available.


I hope that my explanation makes sense to you and that this helps you to achieve what you are looking to do. If you have any further questions, or require any more detail in my explanation, feel free to reply!





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Thanks for responding, the problem is our wholesale prices are not calculated with percentage.

It's just a different price for every product, and there's no a % scale that might work with all of them.


For now we made 2 shops, 1 for retail and copied another one for wholesale.

The problem is that every change I make must be done to both shops, means its twice the time to work with it.

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