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duplicate title tags


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google told me i have duplicate title tags


How can i block this in my robot text


?p=2‎ ?p=3 etc etc



add these lines to your file robots.txt

Disallow: /*p=

Disallow: /*orderby=


this will prevent robots from indexing a URL containing a "p=" and "orderby="

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a ) When do I have, from the Google index does fall out 2nd, 3rd and so on category pages.

b ) Of course, there is an option - make unique meta tags. (a separate module orkernel modifications)


Only the first one must understand that the category is usually optimized for asearch query, for example

"wooden furniture"

if you walk along the path b ), we get a few competing pages (we compete with ourselves) on request in Google "wooden furniture" and instead focus on promoting a page on a query, we get an uncontrollable mess.

+ should think about what the target page is best when you click on the request - the first category page, or throw in the middle of the user directory.


This is IMHO, of course, possible in a given situation the way b ) makes sense. But "more" does not always means that "better"

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is that possible that duplicate titles and descriptions come from same pages in different languages? I mean, if you have got the same product, but with two similar locales, for example canada and usa... titles and description will be the same, but the page will be different...

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