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Multiple problems with Prestashop install


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Having multiple problems with a Prestashop install



  • Redirect loop on SSL enabled (NO SSL radio button)
  • Add to cart ALWAYS adds 2 products, (Sometimes out of stock items)
  • Ajax add to cart is really slow.
  • Google checkout in sandbox mode doesn't add FedEx shipping rates to final price.
  • Problems configuring the USPS modules.

Willing to provide more details on all of the following, but ive seen others having issues with the SSL redirect loop on some pages ost of the solutions dont apply to the version im using the latsest version at posting.

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While I can't mark this post completely solved, ive now established that the bulk of the problems were host related. I convinced the client to make a move from Dotster Hosting to Siteground that not only saw a huge boost in the speed of the website Ajax functions are improved and the cart no longer doubles each product. My redirect loop also disappeared as SG does not required you to copy the entire web directory just to get SSL running.


Total time spent today: from fresh install of to upgraded store about 4hrs. compared to days of frustration trying to get the Prestashop to work with the host.

All I can say to anyone planning to running Prestashop. Save yourself maor headaches and research your hosts properly, If you are having problems that a reinstall doesn't fix it could possibly be your host.

If you need a boost use this to get a massive first year discount http://www.siteground.com/friends.htm?referrer_id=157958.


While I can still say Prestashop has her finicky moments, on the right platform she just works and she is still one of the best options for a small business store IMHO.

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