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Incorrect link to product images showing the question mark image

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I was unable to find a solution on the forum to my following problem, and I hope someone can help;


When uploading an image to a product it seems that the URL in the front office is wrong.


For example the URL in the front office = ../img/p/54-157-home.jpg

But back office uploaded it to = ../img/p/1/5/7/157-home.jpg


I've tried to


- To switch Friendly URL from on to off

- Regenerate the .htaccess file

- Regenerate thumbnails (product specific and all)

- Force compile yes / no, Cache yes / no


But nothing seems to help.


Another issue is that the product images do not show up in the backoffice -> catalog -> product images screen (see screenshot; somehow this isn't working anymore since yesterday).


I'm on Prestashop


Thank you.


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