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Translation hell


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Hi pls help me....

What I have done

1. Created a new lang. file with flag.
2. Imported lang. gzip file
3. cmodded all maps and files to 777

The problem is that when I make some changes and say "update" it updates, but without saving my changes :(
What I just dond understad (front office translation) That I can make changes to half of the site, AND change without problems.

But then I come to "My- account" Here I can not make anny changes, as on rest of this page... So I just dont know what to do.... Pls help :) Looked at other posts but can not find anny solution

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Same here, gee I've spent hours struggling with this.

Found that when using: Back Office >> Tools >> Translations, Import a language pack,
The Prestashop application is giving the files on the server a different owner than the english and french language pack....
Unfortunately I do not have rights to alter owner of folders or files on the web server.....

Any good ideas?

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