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[SOLVED] Order Confirmation Page Appearing Blank


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Before going live with my site I would appreciate help with the problem I am experiencing with the order confirmation page appearing blank.


When you click to confirm payment the page that you are redirected to is blank whereas the page should inform the customer that the order has been been successful. When I say blank I mean the only things on the page are the header and the left column - the rest is totally blank and the right column, footer and breadcrumb are missing (image attached). Everything else associated with the payment modules are working e.g. the confirmation emails.


I have the lastest version of Prestashop, have one page checkout enabled and have only confgured PayPal and Cheque Payments so far.


I don't know if I am missing something obvious or if the payment modules are not configured properly for one page checkout. Please help!






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This actually looks like it may be an error with the payment module.


Can you turn on error reporting (/config/config.inc.php line #29) and try to run a transaction, it should show an error now (rather than just a blank screen).


Let us know if it shows and what the error is.

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Have turned on error reporting and transaction error shows as:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'SmartyCompilerException' with message 'Syntax Error in template "/home/handmad1/public_html/shop/themes/mytheme/order-confirmation.tpl" on line 50 "<a href="{$link->getPageLink(*'guest-tracking.php', true*)}?id_order={$id_order}" title="{*l s='Follow my order'*}">{*l s='Follow my order'*}</a>" - Unexpected "*", expected one of: "","" , ")"' in /home/handmad1/public_html/shop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:431 Stack trace: #0 /home/handmad1/public_html/shop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templateparser.php(2855): Smarty_Internal_TemplateCompilerBase->trigger_template_error() #1 /home/handmad1/public_html/shop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templateparser.php(2920): Smarty_Internal_Templateparser->yy_syntax_error(37, '*') #2 /home/handmad1/public_html/shop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_smartytemplatecompiler.php(51): Smarty_Internal_Templateparser->doParse(37, '*') #3 /home/handmad1/public_html in /home/handmad1/public_html/shop/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 431


Please let me know what I should change - had a look at the php involved but am not sure what to do. Thanks.

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looks like someone messed up your theme file (/home/handmad1/public_html/shop/themes/mytheme/order-confirmation.tpl" on line 50).

I suggeste trying to get the original flie, as there may be other errors, but this is referring to the line below

getPageLink(*'guest-tracking.php', true*)}

The * are causing the error.

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I'm having the same problem. An order completes using Standard Payment on the PayPal site, but does not enter the order back in Prestashop. Switching from the US version to the Europe version of the paypal module does seem to solve the problem. The warnings that the module has not been tested for my country (USA) are a bit concerning, but seems to be working so far. I hope that someone fixes the US PayPal module. Who should that be reported to?

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I need help. 


Bank Wired at step 5 - confirm order returns blank page and the pdf invoice of the order in BO is not generated.
Also the order confirmation email is not sent to the customers.


My Prestashop version is


No solution that found online can fix yet.


I had found solutions like changing logo from png to jpg. Not working.

Changing folder permission from 777 to 755, changing file permission to 644. Also not working.

There was no " * " at the code getPageLink(*'guest-tracking.php', true*)}


I really don't know what to do. Please help.

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Hi, im using prestashop and when i upload everyghing to my hosting and change my server name and all that stuff, when i go to my dashboard everything works good but i cant open my website, i have this error:


Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "/home/troywebs/public_html/tiendaenlinea2/themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl" on line 130 "</div>" - Unexpected "/" <-- thrown in /home/troywebs/public_html/tiendaenlinea2/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php on line 130

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