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Tracking Referrers

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I can't get my tracking referrers to work properly.


The instructions say:



This is interesting because you can add some tags or tokens in the links pointing to your website. For example, you can post a link "https://www.homeschool-shelf.com/index.php?prestashop"'>https://www.homeschool-shelf.com/index.php?prestashop" in the forum and get statistics by entering "%prestashop" in the field `request_uri`.





Do I put

"%prestashop" in the field `request_uri`.


do the " indicate the text between the " " to put in the field,

or do I actually put in



do I put in



Also when I use the link



it comes up



so should I use %prestashop= in the request_uri


Also do I need to use https,

or can I just use http in the link and why?


I have tried all sorts of combinations, but cannot get any traffic to show up for the referrer in the back office when I use those links.

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this problem...as ys, you've guessed it...I am having the same issue! I have put in the domain of another website I have as %mydomain.com% in the HTTP referrer part and have left everything else empty. I have then put a link on mydomain.com to my store and clicked it a number on times! No joy!

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