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[SOLVED] Problems creating vouchers

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I am trying to create vouchers. When I go to payment: vouchers and enter the new voucher information, it will not appear in the shopping cart. I have tried with two different types of vouchers - free shipping where the code FREE is supposed to by used - and 25% everything in cart. Nothing shows up in the cart where the customer can type in the code. There is no prompt. What am I doing wrong? Have tried numerous times. Did I set something somewhere else in the BO that is overriding? My web designer bailed out and I have no one to help me. Thanks.

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Same Problem here..


USING PrestaShop™


1. Created $5 OFF voucher

2. Customer is unable to use it ( discount does NOT calculate in cart ) (no sign of voucher anywhere in the cart)


::::::MY SETTINGS::::::::

a. discount order (amount)

value= $5.00


Total Qty = 50 (for testing purposes)

Qty per each user = 80

Minimum Amount = $50.00


Cumulative with other = YES

Cumulative with price= YES




Display Voucher in Cart = YES




ANy help greatly appreciated!

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Hi ginger,

I took a look at this for you and compared it to our SVN version, and it appears that you do not have the most up-to-date version of your shopping-cart.tpl file. Please download the SVN version of this file and replace your current version and let me know if that fixes your problem.



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