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How to add more decimals to unit_price in the buy_block?

Antonio sc

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I need 5 decimals just at the unit_price in the buy_block.. At the Back Office I type 0.01863 per ..... but the result is 0.02. After checking all forums I couldn't find any solution. I only need to change the decimal at this block. Somebody could address to me how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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Thanks for your helping, after changing values in defines.inc.php from 2 to 5, I can display 5 decimal but not just in unit_price, there are 5 decimals in all prices in all blocks. Also the unit-price round to 2 decimal (0,08000 per unit and should be 0.08432 per unit)


Have you any solution for it.? Thanks for your time.


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Hi Delonix,

It is still a good idea to post your solution here, because others may come looking for this information later on. We don't want them run a search for this issue and come to a dead-end because this was handled over PM, which is why it is actually against the rules of the PrestaShop forum to provide this sort of technical assistance over PM.



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Zyko,thanks for your time.

I have replace the two .js files in theme folder and all prices are with two decimals, same as original prestashop theme.

After that I also have changed define('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',5); all prices are display with 5 decimals, looks like the zip.zile doesn't change anything.

the result is like the attachment


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where you put that files , in themes/your theme folder/js ???


after putting that file - even if you ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',5); cahnged to ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',2); the price on product info page would be shown upto 5 decimal point


if you still keep ('_PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_',5); then all prices would also show upto 5 decimal points




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I have done it with BO:

Smarty: "Forzar compilacion" YES and "Cache" YES

CCC: All with original function

Cache: "Use cache" No


Sorry, but I am not advanced user, I don't know how to clear the cache.

I have regenerated htaccess.


I am aware you are wasting a lot of time for this issue, but It could be very interesting for many user, to have the possibility to display boxes price with two decimals and show how much is the price for each unit inside the box, with more decimals. I have some boxes with 1000 units, for this reason is important to have at least 4 decimals in unit price.

Sorry for the inconvinients.


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Hello friend,

I am still trying to find the solution. I can display five decimals, but not only at the unit-price. The five decimals are displied in all prices.

Really could be very useful, to have the possibility at the BO, to choose how many decimal per unity.

Good night Mike

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