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Hi all


My first post here. Right, I have managed to get my shop going, accepting paypal payments and working as it should without any help so far - so I feel like a complete idiot to have to ask for this simple advice. But please, all I am trying to do is add an image (or multiple images) running down my left hand column. I have tried the "block advertising" module - but it doesn't seem to want to update the image for some reason - not to mention its probably the wrong thing to use as it says advertising when 'mouse-over'ed'.


My reason for this is I just want to highlight key things about my shop, such as 'Next day delivery' - or 'call us now to speak to our friendly team etc etc...


Could someone point me to a free module to add images to the left column, or point me to a resolve that may be within prestashop already?


my site: www.burisch.co.uk



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Hi Franknstein,

First of all, welcome to the PrestaShop forums! Don't feel like an idiot for needing to ask questions, that's why we're here!


Since you're new, I wanted to point you toward a few great resources where you may be able to find solutions to this question and many other when it comes to PrestaShop modules:


You can try our Addons Store: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/

Or search through the community's Free Modules: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/144-free-modules-overrides-and-other-tips-that-change-your-life/

And if all else fails, you can find a developer who can do it for you: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/forum/76-paid-modules-job-offers-and-paid-services/


I hope that these help you!



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