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Help setting up block headers

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I just started to code my shop intergration and its goign well thus far.


i wanted to change the "Categories" block header for a custom image, also want to do the same for "My Account" and "Cart" all these will sit in the left column.


then i also want to expand the centre colum by removing anything in the right column.


Can anyone help me please?


i guess the template system takes some getting used to =)

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Thank you for the reply.

I had figured out that part, but I need something more complicated.


I want to have an image (with the textas part of the image) in the header (not as a background to text). So each block header has a different image with its' text in the according language. So for every block I need 2 different header images as I will have 2 languages in my shop.

Is it possible to change the text to an image for each header in both languages ? If so, what code do I use?


I have used oscommerce in the past. There you were able to add images to each language image folder. For instance, the buttons "add to cart" etc, were not a bg image with text, but an image containing text in the language you used in your shop placed within that specific language folder. Am I making sense? :-/

I hadn't actually changed the headers there, but I had had the logo image in 2 different languages.

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I think I understand what you are saying. It would be a lot of recoding to achieve it in this way. Prestashop has a much easier way.


You can change the background images as described previously and then use the Tools>Translations feature to to apply the wording/translation for each of these when different languages are selected.

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