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Just noticed that the latest version release requires PHP 5.2.x or higher. Just a heads up for anyone who moves from a test server running 5.2 to a production server running an earlier version.....


This dependency can be removed by replacing the Tools::packJSinHTML() function with one from an older 1.4 version.


Alternatively you could use this replacement:


public static function packJSinHTML($html_content)
       if (strlen($html_content) > 0)
           $htmlContentCopy = $html_content;
           $html_content = preg_replace_callback(
               ,array('Tools', 'packJSinHTMLpregCallback')

           // If the string is too big preg_replace return an error
           // In this case, we don't compress the content
           //if ( preg_last_error() == PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR ) {
	    if (!$html_content) {
               error_log('ERROR: PREG_BACKTRACK_LIMIT_ERROR in function packJSinHTML');
               return $htmlContentCopy;
           return $html_content;
       return false;



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