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How to move a module?


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Thaks, i tried with live edit but is not working, that two modules cannot be moved :(


Hi mongol,

Try going into the Back Office and use the Live Edit function. You can find it by going to Modules > Positions.



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If I understand correctly you want to switch position for these two modules.

These block have absolute positioning so you need to edit global.css.


Change top:170px; in this line


div#header_user ul li#shopping_cart {height:18px;padding:6px 0 0 35px;background:url(../img/header_cart.png) 0 0 no-repeat;position:absolute;right:39px;top:170px;}


to top:76px;


Similar in

div#currencies_block_top {position:absolute;right:16px;top:84px;z-index:1;}


change top:84px; to top:170px;

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