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How to add product image to the comparison?


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Hi all,


I wonder if it is possible to add product images to the comparison?

Currently we can only compare the features. But for a good shop, detailed images are a must. I really hope my customers can compare images of different products in the comparison.

My idea is, when clicking on the image of the product in comparison, instead of opening the product page, I want the image thick box to pump out, just like when we click on the image on the product page, the thick box pump out to show image gallery.


Moreover, is it possible to list multiple pictures in one thick box?

I mean, e.g. when I click any of the products' image in comparison, the thick box pump out with the 1st pictures of all the products in comparison, when I click next, the thick box show the 2nd pictures of all the products in comparison.


Look forward to any help & suggestion for I really need this function.



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