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Hello, as said in description, I need to Hook CMS blocks horizontaly and show respective submenus in CMS pages.


I allready have hooked CMS blocks from left column to a new hook, horizontally, at the top.

* Now I need to show all categorie and page links (expanded) in every CMS page, with respect to current CMS block.

* And I need a solution to show fist page in category, when clicked on category link, and CMS block link.


Much thanks for any help on this .

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I took a sample from sitemap page and put:


in CMSController.php "public function process()" function those lines:

self::$smarty->assign('categoriesTree', Category::getRootCategory()->recurseLiteCategTree(0));
self::$smarty->assign('categoriescmsTree', CMSCategory::getRecurseCategory(_USER_ID_LANG_, 1, 1, 1));

and in cms.tpl those lines:

<ul class="tree">
{if isset($categoriescmsTree.children)}
 {foreach from=$categoriescmsTree.children item=child name=sitemapCmsTree}
    {if (isset($child.children) && $child.children|@count > 0) || $child.cms|@count > 0}
      {include file="$tpl_dir./category-cms-tree-branch.tpl" node=$child}

...and allmoust got what I wanted, except, that it shows all of the categories, not the respective to selected cms block.

Anyone knows how to modify this ?

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