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Hello to all.

I'm spanish, so I'll try to explain my "problem" as best as I can. I need some info to know how do this I'm going to explain below.


I'm developing a MINI Cooper accesories shop and there is a product, for example, the driving lamps, that the client can choose between black matt colour or chromed, as finish/colour. These options are attributes, that are already configured.


This product fits 4 MINI models: MINI Hardtop, MINI Cabrio, MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman. Independently of the engine option because, in this case, that is an option indistinct.

But, in addition, this models has their own production time: 12/2001 to 06/2004, 06/2004 to 11/2006, etc., that either are indistinct to this example product.


What I want is my clients to choose from a Layered Navigation block, the configuration of his/her car. He/she will choose:

MINI Model: MINI Hardtop


Year: 06/2004 to 11/2006.

So the results, in each category, will be only the products that fit those specifications. Not listing all the products of the shop; category by category.

Then, as he/she was looking for that driving lamps and are shown because that product fits with his/her car, he/she will have to choose between matt black or chromed as finish or colour, and then add it to his/her basket.


I've tried to do this configuration as attributes, but the layered navigation Built-in in Prestashop doesn't let you to choose from which attribute groups or features will be the filtering based on. Because of this issue, thats not a solution because I don't need nor want to filter through all the attributes, features or options of the entire whole page, as Dharmesh showed me in ABW.


Many thanks!

Hope I've explained myself properly to let you understand what I'm looking for!

Regards from Spain.

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