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Problem with Mail Alerts Module

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Hey everyone!
Please let me start by saying that what you are doing is great! Now we can (finally!) have a good and working e-commerce site.

Ok, lets get to the point now... I'm having a little problem with the module mail alert: when I receive a notification about a new product sold I get a message like the one I attached.
The product's price is showing correctly on the list. But when you look at "Products" you can see that it gives an unreasonable sum. Also, shipping costs are incorrect (the should be about $2500).

I think that the reason of this problem is that it's showing total sales of the store... but I don't know how to fix it.

I'm adding the Html code below so you can check it.
Thanks a lot!


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(Deleted the code as it seems fine... Anyone has any idea? I've found the cause of the problem (double multiplication of currencies. Check next post). But is there a possible solution?

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Ok, I've found the real cause of this bug: I'm using as my main currency the dollar but payments must be done in chilean pesos.
Now, for some reason, mail alerts is multiplying two times the product value by the cost of a dollar in pesos.
E.g. Shiping costs are US$4. In chilean pesos, that's CLP$2424 (US$1 = CLP$606). And that's the amount my customers receive on mails sent to them. But for some strange reason, mail alerts multiplies that value AGAIN by 606 totalling an amount of CLP$1.468.944.

I know that this is just an anoyance... my customers will receive an e-mail with the correct ammount and I can always check the ammount bought in the admin page... but I would like to know if there's a fix.


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