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issue with blocklayered in product-list.tpl


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I encounter a strange issue with blocklayered in file product-list.tpl. I added this code to create a dynamic product_description_short. If I disable the blocklayered module, everything works and I get a complete description_short. But when the blocklayered module is enabled, the product-list appears quickly well with the complete description_short and when the blocklayered generate a new page (loading appears at the top of the page), then, the description_short appears without the category_default. this latter is blank


I can't understand why ? Have got an idea, please ?



{if $product.condition|upper|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8' == "NEW"}

{assign var='condition' value='NEUF'}


{assign var='condition' value='OCCASION'}


{assign var='product_description_short' value=$condition|cat:" - "|cat:$product.manufacturer_name|cat:" - "|cat:$product.category_default}


Thank you for your help


PS : 1.4.4

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Thank you Newbie for your response.


I tried it but the category_default is still blank. I tried to delete and create a new blocklayered template, but nothing works.


Don't worry about your english. I'm also french and understood well. Thank you for your help. Did you have the same issue about a blank category_default after blocklayered generated the page ?

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Sorry OlivOliv for the mistake in your name.


In fact, I encouter the same issue as in the product.tpl. When the blocklayered generate the page, the category_default is no more available in the product array. I compared the debug before and after. I can get the category, the id_category_default, but not the category-default. Yet, this one is available when the product-list.tpl is first displayed, just before it is regenerated

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